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Also referred to as Abó Viejo
is located in Central New Mexico. 

"The history of our family in New Mexico is not the history of conquerors, but the story of a humble people who throughout hundreds of years in this land have never asked for more than the opportunity to move about freely to pursue a decent living. It is not necessarily the history of an academic elite, or a rich merchant class, or of a politically prominent people, or of persons who excelled in military or civic careers. It is a history, though, of a people who have anonymously contributed to this land and who have blended ever so well into the landscape and ambience of this truly enchanted place we call New Mexico."

-Francisco Sisneros, Sisneros: A New Mexico Family History


(pronounced Ah-Boh)

The landing point of a group of families who traveled the Camino Real in search of home.

Éramos de Aquí

Letanía: Ojo de Abó 

Letanía por El Ojo de Abó  was written by Francisco Sisneros to honor the blessed water that gives life to our people.


Listen to this  beautiful rendition in Francisco's own voice.

Music Production by Ladd A. Doane 

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